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The Great Gatsby + CD

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Stage 5 - Advanced - 2500 hewadwords C1

“Gatsby?” asked Daisy urgently. “What Gatsby?” Could it
be the same young army lieutenant whom Daisy Fay met
five years ago ? and who owns a sumptuous house on Long
Island, where New York society enjoys the best parties
on offer? Is it just coincidence that Gatsby lives across
the bay from Daisy ? now married to wealthy polo-player
Tom Buchanan? Midwesterner Nick Carraway is drawn
into the dark world of Gatsby’s past and present ? a
world of hidden frustrations and superficial relationships
which perfectly illustrates the “careless and confused”
nature of America’s Jazz Age.

Scott Fitzgerald’s third novel was published in
1925 and has justifiably become a 20th century
literary classic.