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Dance Music for Accordion - Seven Original Solo Pieces /14923/

Szász Szabolcs

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Číslo produktu: Editio Musica
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Nástroj: Accordion
Žáner: Prednesova instruktivna tvorba
Jazyk: Hungarian, English, German
Rozsah: 32 strán
This album contains seven original compositions, one of each style of dance music that perf3ctly suits the accordion.They include a polka, waltz, and tango but also genres which are not played by many, such as foxtrot, jazz waltz, swing, and bossa nova. The pieces intend to achieve two goals. On the one hand, they are of an educational character; they aim to provide guidance for left-hand accompaniment in various musical styles, linking of chords, harmonizing the melody to be played by the right hand while achieving a rich sound. On the other hand, when played at a high standard they also make great performance pieces. Theoretical and instrumental skills at the upper-intermediate level are required to play the pieces, therefore they are recommended primarily for advanced music school students and secondary school students. They are also ideal for the musician interested in high-quality popular music in addition to classical or folk music studies.


Behände Finger (Polka & Variationen)


Novy tango

Bolondos melódiák

Waltz for Lili

The smile on your face

Bossa relax