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Classical Canons without Text /12581/

Molnár Antal

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Číslo produktu: Editio Musica
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do košíka:
Compiled and commentaries by Molnár Antal
The new edition was edited by Agócsy László
Nástroj: Solfege
Inštrumentácia: I,II/I,II,III/I,II,III,IV
Žáner: Hudobna teoria
Jazyk: Hungarian, English, French
Rozsah: 128 strán

'...The present collection has been conceived right from the outset so as to form an organic component of and a supplement to the teaching of solfeggio. The original text and their relevant translations have been omitted with the intention that the pedagogical aim, namely that which is achieved through solmization, could be proprely emphasized. There is hardly any need to recommend these pieces for cultivation. Luckily enough, solfeggio has become so wide-spread and in particular singing canons has gained such popularity that its praise would suggest an irony of the same kind as Erasmus' eulogy of foolishness. Nevertheless, it cannot be left unsaid how immensely this domain contributes to raising the musical standards of the greatest number of people possibile.' (Antal Molnár)