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Adagio for Double Bass and Piano /14896/

Kodály Zoltán

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Číslo produktu: Editio Musica
Naša cena s DPH:
7,80 EUR

do košíka:
Transcribed by Duka Norbert
Nástroj: Double Bass and Piano
Žáner: Prednesova instruktivna tvorba
Period: 20. Storocie
Stupeň: 4
Trvanie: 9'
Rozsah: 12 strán

Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967) composed Adagio for violin and piano in 1905 and dedicated it to the outstanding violinist Imre Waldbauer. In 1910 Kodály made versions of the work for both viola and cello, while Norbert Duka transcribed it for double bass. In 2014 we published all four versions of Adagio in a new edition.


Adagio for violin and piano: Z. 14911
Adagio for viola and piano: Z. 14894
Adagio for violoncello and piano: Z. 14895
Adagio for double bass and piano: Z. 14896

(The former catalogue number was Z. 768.)